Greg was introduced to the medium of glass as part of collaboration between Pilchuck Glass School and Alaska Indian Arts. A group of carvers in Haines were commissioned to make a 24-foot commemorative totem for the school campus. This totem was partially carved in Haines then shipped to the school in Stanwood, Washington. Working with students and glass instructors, the pole was completed and raised on site. Alaska Indian Arts, has a collection of photographs documenting this project at their website. Greg returned to Pilchuck to study kiln casting and has been working on developing a body of work using cast glass.

Wood Carvings

Greg has been working with wood for more than 40 years. His pieces include totem poles, panels, masks and wildlife sculptures. The State of Alaska has commissioned Greg to carve four Seals of the State of Alaska displayed in the State Capitol and in courthouses in Fairbanks and Juneau, Alaska. Greg is currently working on a totem pole for a private collection. If you are interested in a totem pole or carving for your collection, please contact Greg.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Greg’s silver work is highly regarded throughout Alaska. His work includes bracelets, bolo ties, earrings, necklaces and belt buckles. He is known for his repoussé silver work, which is when the metal is turned over, and firmed again over a pitch bowl, with the back side up. Using a variety of tools the silver is hammered out. Once the main repoussé is done, the piece is released from the pitch and the work on the other side is completed.